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When Growth mindset intertwine with pure products seeking excellence and sustainability - Another Unicorn is born.

Another Unicorn is a lifestyle brand which celebrates individuality, constant self-improvement, respect for yourself, our planet and others.

The name Another unicorn refers to someone who believes in power of creativity and inner voice. We all have it, yet just few believe in it.


Be a unicorn.

Another Unicorn is a timeless, ageless and genderful collection of wearable mantras of t-shirts, jewellery and posters. 

It is all about growth mindset: every product has a meaning behind and encourages you to believe in and be gentle with yourself and others. 

All products are thoughtfully sourced and produced: we pay fair salaries, we work with family style businesses, we only used certified fabrics and have no seasons. Our cotton is safe to wrap a baby in while our bags are made from recycled raw linen. Literally no harm. 


For our founder Elena, art has been her main language of expression since early childhood. She was born and raised in Lithuania with deep family traditions and values, which attracted Elena create a beautiful things. As a child, she spent her days painting, exploring art books and dreaming of becoming a designer.

When Elena was growing up, she was still searching how to express herself and share the creative energy. Hence, she tried many diverse fields ranging from modelling, photography and managing French lingerie brand to politics and even hosting a TV program. She tried to follow a typical path to success, graduated with International Communication and Politics degree and MBA Executive programme.

After all this soul search, Elena experienced a breaking point when she realized that she has all the answers within her and decided to follow her childhood dreams to create meaningful beauty and inspire people around her. She then created a lifestyle brand Another Unicorn, which speaks louder than words.

“Another Unicorn serves as a tool for people to get inspired to follow their dreams, listen to their inner voice and be mindfull to yourself and others. It’s like your wearable mantras”, says Elena.

Now, Elena is a love emigrant, lives in Norway, is married to a Norwegian viking Bjornar and have two great boys Mateo and Markus. She is happy to have found her path and be able to share it with society.