About us

Elena Lund
Another Unicorn  is a lifestyle brand, a cultural platform where we develop products and projects. At Another Unicorn we celebrate individuality, creativity and self-expression therefore we interact with different artists, stylists and entrepreneurs to generate powerful ideas & products. 

As we live in times where people are asking for truth and transparency a deep change in fashion is needed, exactly that is what inspired us to create a brand that encourage people to be gentle with themselves and the world around us. The impact we seek with our business strategy is both creative & cultural as we partner with ethical manufacturers in Europe and our material sources are just certified factories. It’s a new way of doing things. Every day at work we are driven by honesty, respect and appreciation for quality of life.

Another Unicorn seeks to inspire identity and is built on three main pillars: Ageless, Genderfull and Seasonless. The construction is unique and it fits both men and women. The quotes on the T-shirts are every day mantras - simple, yet powerful and meaningful if you apply them in your life.